Mitch McClellan

Software Engineer

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About Me

My name is Mitch McClellan. I am a Computer Science Major at Georgia Tech. I have experience in developing software, video games, and making films. The dream I have for my career is to develop stunning visual experiences.



Software Developer

I worked in the Software Engineering department, a part of Technicolor Connected Home. On the team I worked on I developed tools to assist development using Python.

Independent Work

Video Game Developer

I develop video games for PC on my own and with teams. I mainly worked on games through the Video Game Development club at Georgia Tech, leading my own projects and contributing art to others.

Georgia Tech Cable Network


I shot and edited interviews for Georgia Tech's cable network. I developed shows with my coworkers and had to deliver completed videos to fill a schedule.

Coyote Logistics

LTL Tracker

Followed and recorded the status of Less than Truck Load shipments using in-house database software.


Georgia Institute of Technology

June 2014 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Concentrations in Media and System Architecture, with a certificate in Film

Notable Courses:


Deep in Sheep

Local multiplayer sheep collecting, you and a friend compete to push as many sheep into your corral as you can before time runs out.

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Space Squids

Local multiplayer racing game where I developed my 3d modeling and shader skills, as I designed the Figure 88 track pictured.

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